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VIP - Buy It Now Empty VIP - Buy It Now

Post by Obama on Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:44 am

Status:Dont PM me about it :S its screwing up
Buy VIP? Add my MSN and we will sort somthing or PM me or search me on facebook!

You Will Receive The VIP Within 24 Hours,If you haven't please contact the address's at the bottom of this post.

Dont Have Any Money? well if you have A Combat arm's Account you Can Talk to About Swaping your account for my hacks VIA MSN.
Or If You Dont Have PayPal But have NX you can gift me.

This VIP is Only Available To NA Players
Want VIP?,Buy It Here
$10 Per-Mouth or make a deal with me.
(thats Half The Price
Main Features:

Aimbot Features:

Aim Bone - Head, Neck, Chest, or NUTS
Auto Aim - Automatically Aim Without A key
Auto Fire - Automatically Shoot when locked onto target
Aim Key - Aim with aimkey

Visibility Checks Check if visible before aiming

Engine D3D - ESP
B. Vis Check - Check if player is visible before aiming
Name Esp - Enemy and team or just Enemy
FireTeam Esp - NPC Esp
Box Esp - Draw a box around the enemy
Draw Bone - Draw the aim location
E. Vis Check - Change esp color when target is visible
Nade Esp - Tags on Explosives
Nade Distance Esp - Display distance to nade
Nade Warn - Display warning if to close to explosive
PickUp Esp - Display weapons on ground
PickUp Dist - Display distance to weapon
Distance Esp - Display the Distance of Players
3D Box Esp - Display 3d bounding box
Show Tracers - Show the path of bullets
2D Radar - Display All players on a Radar ( GPS )
Chams - Display players green when behind walls
Color Tool - Edit The color to everything in this whole hack!

No Fog - Removes the fog
No Spread - Remove weapon spread
No Recoil - Remove weapon recoil
Hide Weapon - Remove your weapon
No Cam Damage- No Recoil when you get shot
Removals - No un-needed graphic functions like smoke and lighting
Fullbright - Makes the world brighter

Virtual Pos - Sends your view in the air while your still on the ground
Speed 0 - 4- Makes you go faster. 4 settings
Fly Hack - Fly
Hulk Jump - Makes your default jump height much higher
Windowed Mode - For multi tasking
Server Crasher - Crash Any Server Only works while joining game so you must exit and reload the map to crash a server
FireTeam Tele Kill - Teleport through all the NPC's and kill them all at one time ( RAPES OPK )
Tele Kill - Teleport through all the enemys and kill them all at one time ( RAPES OPK )
X-Hair - Display D3D Crosshair

Theres More But I Cant Be Bothered Finding Out Again
Please Enjoy
Add My MSN To Buy it: -
Our FaceBook -!/profile.php?id=100001262344314
Our Help Site For VIP: -
Or Sister Site: - http;//

How To:
Server Crasher - While in the lobby, Set the Server Crasher to "1" and then hit start.
FireTeam TeleKill - Set The TeleKill to "FireTeam"
Color Tool - Click and Drag the sliders to the color of your choice, The Click on the Option you want to assign it too.
Show menu - INSERT
Telekill - X
Panickey - DELETE
Glitcher - ARROW PAD
Aimbot When Auto Aim is disabled - CAPS LOCK

We will constantly adding features as they are found

100% UNDETECTED And working on Every OS[strike]
Buy It Here:

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