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M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol)

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M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol) Empty M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol)

Post by joshi911 on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:57 pm

LEECHED!! Enjoy Smile
Step 1: Download the .rez Injector (OBAMA POSTED THIS!!!!)

Step 2: Extract it to anywhere you want

Step 3: Download the mods you want.

Step 4: Open up the Injector, and where it says "RezFile to inject" browse to whatever file I state with each mod. (There will be text under each mod indicating which file to select)

Step 5: Where it says "Add" browse to the folder where my mods are (After you've extracted them) select the files in whatever folder is indicated, once you add the files, in the area that says "Status" should say "Ok" all down the row of files you selected, if it doesn't then you selected the wrong .rez file. If it does say "Ok" for each file, then hit the Inject button.

Step 6: Go to your combat arms folder, "C:/Nexon/Combat Arms/Game/" and find the rez file that was stated with the mod, backup that file in a special folder somewhere, and delete it from the game folder. Then find a file with the same name, but it will be .rezNew change it to .rez.

Step 7: Play combat arms and check if it worked, if it did your done.

M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol)

Files being edited "GUNS_M_PV_Pistol.rez"

Inject files in "M" folder into "GUNS_M_PV_Pistol.rez"

Base Weapon: M92FS


Thanks and Rep me Smile

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M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol) 68481
just a VERY basic example of my graphics skills
M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol) 2rfqzcw

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M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol) Empty Re: M92FS To Minigun (Default Pistol)

Post by Obama on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:13 am

nice mods
no need to comment.

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