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[Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users

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[Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users Empty [Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users

Post by 14942744 on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:46 pm

REZ editing non photoshop users

Ok so this is DWorm back.. my tutorial is back.. non photoshop users and photoshop users. Photoshop tut at bottom. Have fun


Do not create New World in DEdit. This will cause Error message. Only create New Project. Also ignore the other error about module.lto

Download the following tools from the bottom:

Okay so I am doing this my way without photoshop cuz it is too dam big lol takes up alot of unneccesary space on a computer. Use ur fav photo editer.

First, open Rezextract and press FILE>Open to Extract and select the .rez file from ur Combat Arms\Game folder that u want to edit. Click Extract

Now, open the folder that it just made in your Combat Arms Game folder named whatever the .rez was named. (e.g. if u extracted Chars_T_BODY.rez then there is now a folder named Chars_T_BODY in ur game folder)

Now open DTXConvert and click FILE>Open Folder and select that folder. (e.g Chars_T_BODY) and click "CONVERT TO LITHTECH"

Next Open DEdit and make a new project. (TIP: to make this easy make the project in a the same folder that you download from me.. so you can always find it so it will be easier on you later)Dont create new map, when it asks click no. Go move the .DTX files from ur folder to your DEdit project1\Textures folder. (e.g. mine is C:\DEdit\Project1\Textures, it is just where u decide to put ur project folder)

Now close and reopen DEdit. Click File and at the bottom u should see the project u just made. Click it. Click the Textures Tab. Select the .DTX u want to edit and right click and select "export tga file".

Now you can open a .tga file in or gimp or whatever and edit it. When u have made it look all pretty lol, you need to save it and open DEdit and go to your project. Then Click Textures tab and righ click down there and select import .tga files. Replace = yes.

Now all you have to do is open DTXConvert, Click Open Folder, select the project\textures folder, and "convert to nexon".

Finally open Rezinject and select the .rez file u extracted. Click "add" and select the .dtx u edited. click inject. Rename the new rez file to .rez because it will be .rezNEW more than likely. Put it in ur game folder and u are done.



Combat Arms .REZ Editing Tutorial

As many of you know the textures, sounds, and models can be edited in Combat Arms. However to do so you need a certain set of tools. These tools were created by our very own B1ackAnge1. Using these tools it is possible to essentially edit any aspect of the visual or audio experience of Combat Arms. I will explain how, but first I need to thank some people.

BlackAngel(I will often refer to him as BA) - He created the tools that allows us to accomplish this.

You need:

* The Plug-Ins: msvcrtd.dll, msvcirtd.dll, & DTXFormat.8bi
* DTXConvert.exe
* RezXtract.exe
* RezInject.exe
* DTXVeiw.exe (optional)

Editing Textures:
Ok lets get right into it. Follow these instructions:

1. Open up your Plugins folder which should contain all your plugins.
2. Here you can either follow the instruction on the ReadMe.txt provided in the plugins folder(if so skip to step 5) or if not I will restate it here.
3. Place msvcrtd.dll and msvcirtd.dll into your Photoshop Folder (plugin needs them.) DO NOT place them in any sub-folder.
4. Take DTXFormay.8bi from Plug-ins\File Format\ and place DTXFormat.8bi in your photoshop plugins file formats folder.

5. Next Run RezExtract.ext File>Open to Extract
6. Navigate to your Combat Arms folder and choose the .rez you would like to open up. (Say if I wanted to edit the texture on a pistol I would select:

7. Now some stuff should appear on you ReXtract window. Thes are the files in the .rez you just opened up. RezExtract just created a new folder in you Combat Arms folder where all the files in the .rez have been extracted too.
8. Now Run DTXConvert.exe You will need to convert every texture file you plan to edit in Photoshop into a Lithtech File. DTXConvert allows you to do this. Just remember to convert any file you converted back to a Nexon DTX when your done.9. DTXConvert > File > Open File or Open Folder> Then select the file or files in your newly extracted .rez in your Combat Arms folder that you would like to convert.10. When you finish you should now be able to open that file in Photoshop and edit it. I do not have PS so I can not show you this, but hopefully it should work for you.
[Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users Wol_errorThis image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 872x599 and weights 90KB.
[Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users Wol_errorThis image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1440x900 and weights 121KB.11. After editing the file you will need to convert it back once again using the DTXConvert, except this time select Nexon instead of Lithtech
12. Save the edited and converted file back in your original extracted .rez folder and get ready for the final part!
13. Run RezInject.exe
14. Select the .rez you would like to replace. By browsing for the filename of the original .rez file you extracted. In our case this would be GUNS_T_PV_Pistol.rez

15. Now click Add and select the File you edited. Make sure it has the EXACT same name as the original file in your extracted folder. RezInject will replace this file with your edited file of the same name.
16. Now Click Inject. It will pop up should say Injection Complete! Don't be worried. BA was smart enough not to destroy the original .rez just in case you would like to turn it back to normal. Instead was RezInject does is create a new .rez file with the extension .rezNew tacked on it.
17. Now all you have to do is change the extensing to .rez and your finished. You just edited a .rez file. Just make sure you do something with the original .rez before you change the extension and replace it with your edited one.

This same process can be used to edit sounds and perhaps models... though I'm not sure.


Download below:
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[Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users Empty Re: [Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users

Post by [Banned]Nvr on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:51 pm

Good tutorial,later i'll try edit one.
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[Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users Empty Re: [Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users

Post by Obama on Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:08 pm

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[Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users Empty Re: [Leeched] Rez Editing for non photoshop users

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