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[Leeched] Mod info

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[Leeched] Mod info Empty [Leeched] Mod info

Post by 14942744 on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:39 pm

This Is An Almost Complete List of What Different Rez Files Do.

ATTACH_M - 3D Models of Face Guards, Backpacks, Etc...
ATTACH_T - Texture Files of Face Guards, Backpacks, Etc...
ATTRIBUTES - A Bunch of TXT Files That Have Nothing To Do With Rez Editing.
CHARS_M_BODY - 3D Models of Player Uniforms (Top And Bottom)
CHARS_M_FACE - 3D Models of Player Faces And Hair
CHARS_M_HEAD - 3D Models of Player Hats And Head Accessories
CHARS_T_BODY - Head Textures
CHARS_T_FACE - Face And Hair Textures
CHARS_T_HEAD - Head Accessory Textures
CHARS_SND - Sounds Characters Make, Like 'Frag Out!' or Their Footsteps
ClanMark0 - Textures For All The Different Clan Emblems
CLASSICONS - 7 Random Small Icons
CLIENTFX - Two Small Files, Not Related To Texture Editing
FONTS - Different Font Files The Game Uses
FX - A Bunch of 2KB Files Related To Maps, Not Sure What They Do Yet
GUNS_M_HH - 3D Models of The Different Guns Your Guy Holds When You See Him On The Left In The Shop
GUNS_M_PV_AR - 3D Models of Assault Rifles
GUNS_M_PV_ETC - 3D Models of Specialist Items
GUNS_M_PV_LAUNCHER - 3D Models of Grenade Launcher, Law, Etc...
GUNS_M_PV_MELEE - 3D Models of Melee Weapons
GUNS_M_PV_MG - 3D Models of Machine Guns
GUNS_M_PV_OPTION - 3D Models of Scopes And Silencers
GUNS_M_PV_Pistol - 3D Models of Pistols
GUNS_M_PV_SG - 3D Models of Shotguns
GUNS_M_PV_SMG - 3D Models of Sub Machine Guns
GUNS_M_PV_SR - 3D Models of Sniper Rifles
GUNS_M_PV_Throwing - 3D Models of Grenades
GUNS_PT - Textures And Models For A Grenade, And The Flash Bang
GUNS_SC - Textures And Models For All The Different Bullet Shells
GUNS_SND_AR - Sounds of Assault Rifles
GUNS_SND_ETC - Sounds of Specialist Items
GUNS_SND_IMPACTS - Sounds of Different Types of Bullets Hitting Things
GUNS_SND_LAUNCHER - Sounds of Grenade Launcher, Law, Etc...
GUNS_SND_MELEE - Sounds of Melee Weapons
GUNS_SND_MG - Sounds of Machine Guns
GUNS_SND_OPTION - Sounds of Scopes And Silencers
GUNS_SND_Pistol - Sounds of Pistols
GUNS_SND_SG - Sounds of Shotguns
GUNS_SND_SHELLS - Sounds of Gun Shells Hitting Different Materials
GUNS_SND_SMG - Sounds of Machine Guns
GUNS_SND_SR - Sounds of Sniper Rifles
GUNS_SND_Throwing - Sounds of Grenades
GUNS_T_HH - Textures For What The Gun Looks Like When Your Guy Is Holding It In The Shop
GUNS_T_PV_AR - Textures of Assault Rifles
GUNS_T_PV_ETC - Textures of Specialist Items
GUNS_T_PV_HANDS - Textures of Player Hands
GUNS_T_PV_LAUNCHER - Textures of Grenade Launcher, Law, Etc...
GUNS_T_PV_MELEE - Textures of Melee Weapons
GUNS_T_PV_MG - Textures of Machine Guns
GUNS_T_PV_OPTION - Textures of Scopes And Silencers
GUNS_T_PV_Pistol - Textures of Pistols
GUNS_T_PV_SG - Textures of Shotguns
GUNS_T_PV_SMG - Textures of Sub Machine Guns
GUNS_T_PV_SR - Textures of Sniper Rifles
GUNS_T_PV_Throwing - Textures of Grenades
LOGO - Now Loading, Running Man At The Beginning, And Game Cursor
MODELS - 4 Useless 3D Models, Never Used In Game
PREFABS - Empty Folder
PROPS - 3D Models And Texture Files For Fire Team Drops, And Hi Sec Cases
PS - Useless, Random .PS, .PSH, and .TXT Files
RS - Random, Seemingly Useless 3D Models
SHADERS - Useless FX Files That Control Cell Shading
SND - Assorted Sounds, Like In Game Tactical Messages
Sprites -
TEXFX - Texture Files For Weather Effects, Like Snowflakes, Clouds And The Sky
TEXTURES - Textures For Every Single Aspect of All The Maps
UI_HUD_Base - Extracts To An Empty Folder
UI_HUD_Info - Textures And 3D Models For All The Crosshairs
UI_HUD_KillInfo - Textures For What Shows Up On The Top Left Corner Like The Gun Pictures On Kills.
UI_HUD_LargeMap - Large Overview of All The Maps
UI_HUD_Radar - Textures For The In Game Radar
UI_HUD_UserInfo - Textures For Things Like What The Mission of Different Game Modes (Ex: 'Destroy The Target')
UI_HUD_WeaponInfo - Textures For The Weapon Picture And Name On The Bottom Left Corner
UI_SCR_Base - Textures For Different Images Like The Login Screen Image
UI_SCR_ItemImg_Detail - Textures For Images Next To Items In The Shop And Black Market
UI_SCR_ItemImg_Large - Textures For Large Images of Guns And Scopes In The Shop
UI_SCR_ItemImg_Slot - Textures For Images of Items In The Slots On The Left When You Are In The Shop
UI_SCR_ItemImg_TunName - Textures For Pictures of Gun Names
UI_SCR_Loading - Textures For Every Image That Shows Up On The Map Loading Screens
UI_SCR_Messenger - Textures For Background Images In The Chat Messenger
UI_SCR_Option - Textures For All The Background Images In The Settings
UI_SCR_Page_Char -
UI_SCR_Page_Clan - Textures For The Background Images of The Clan Control Panel
UI_SCR_Page_Lobby - Textures For The Background Images of The Game Lobby
UI_SCR_Page_ServerList - Textures For Background Images of The Servers List
UI_SCR_Page_Shop - Textures For The Background Images of The Shop
UI_SCR_Page_Tuning -
UI_SCR_Page_WaitRoom - Textures For The Background Images of The Waiting To Enter A Game Room
UI_SCR_PopUp - Textures For The Background Images of Player Info (When You Double Click A Players Name)
UI_SND - Sounds For Different Things Like When A Guy Says 'Double Kill!' When You Get A Double Kill
WORLDS - All The Maps In The Game

Credits :Corndog
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[Leeched] Mod info Empty Re: [Leeched] Mod info

Post by silentkillz on Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:40 pm

this is such a long post
but thanks for the info

THANK and rep me if this helped

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also can anyone Pm how to add a image into my SIG
thanks in advance

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[Leeched] Mod info Empty Re: [Leeched] Mod info

Post by Obama on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:28 am

its helpfull though

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[Leeched] Mod info Empty Re: [Leeched] Mod info

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